Request FAQ

  1. Where do I pick up my requests?
    Click on the links above and select the time period you requested on.
    Banners will not be emailed to you.

  2. What requested banners will you not make?*
    Previously blinking banners were availabe, but as of now these are the types that will not be made:
    • Blinking/Flashing
    • Different sized banners from the standard one provided

  3. * I will most likely complete basic banners with Black backgrounds and White text first.

  4. Why don't I see my banner made?
    Be warned that "Requests Completed" means I've completed requests that I've seen on the tagboard. Here are some common reasons as to why your banner has not been made:
    • You were not specific enough/did not reply back after I had asked questions concerning your banner. Bascially, I didn't understand you.
      Eg. "White and Black banner with [Request]"... White background or black background?
    • Spam. I can tolerate 2-5 spams of the same request, anymore and I will just ignore it. And no, spamming more will not get you the banner. Being polite will.
    • Extreme profanity, sexist, racist, indecent, hate, discriminatory context. Does this look like the type of place that would even offer that type of crap?
    • I am extremely busy. Contrary to popular belief, I have a life and when that gets busy, requests are not completed.
    • Amidst all the text and spam for banners I have missed your request. If I have, please direct me to the date you requested and which commentor you were below/above.

  5. Why isn't the banner code working?
    Chances are I may have misspelled your banner name or have not uploaded it yet. Be patient please. If your banner was set to the right, I might've forgotten to adjust the code so you can find it here:
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="URL OF BANNER" style="position:absolute; right:0px; top: 0px;" border="0"></a>

  6. Why did not you take my editted request?
    Be warned that unless I see your editted request before I make your banner, banners that have been completed will not be editted. Unless your banner happens to be stored in my file, I will change it. If not, please wait until at least a week and keep track of your banner name (Right click > Properties > URL Name) eg. "abr.gif". Upon waiting a week or so, come back and tell me what you want to change and the name of the banner. Eg. "Make it have pink text and the name is called "abr.gif"

  7. When can I expect to get my banner?
    Usually if the request tagboard is not filled with requests, the average request gets done in about 2-5 days.

  8. Why are there repeated banners/red "x's" in some pages?
    If this happens that means I've repeated the codes for a banner or that there is a broken link. Please report them immediately to the tagboard for it to be fixed.

  9. How did you make these banners?
    These banners are made possible by Photoshop 7.0 using default tools including the text and transform tool.

  10. Can I take off your link?
    There really isn't much that I can do if you choose to take off the link. But think of it this way, how would you or someone else have found this site if you hadn't clicked on the link from a banner? The link is merely there so people can find their way here and grab a banner. Simple as that.

  11. Can I request a banner on the front page to be flipped to the right?
    Sure. Just make sure you indicate which one and you can find it in the requests page.

  12. Can I request a banner on any corner?
    You can request banners on the top left or right corner and bottom left or right corner. Keep in mind, I will get to top left banners first and may not complete banners to the bottom left or right as quickly. I some cases, I may even forget to finish them since they are not in demand/not the standard banner direction.

  13. What are some common request styles for banners?
    There are quite a few which include the following:
    • Standard: Black background w/ White Text
    • White BG and Black Text: White background w/ Black Text
    • Faded Text: This combines any style with a larger font faded into the background
    • Repeated Text: Faded text which is smaller and repeated into the background
    • Bordered: Any style with a 2px border around the banner
    • Red Hearts: ♥ and <3 are among the symbols that are commonly changed to red