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About theFinal

theFinal and its beginnings all lead back to Fainaruu, but is commonly referred to as the "Portal" here. As of March 12, 2007, this site (along with Textuures) would mark the end of the combined identity my 3 sites shared, a point I wanted to make clear ever since the Revamp of July '06.

Now with its own identity, existence and name my plans for theFinal will undoubtedly change as years progress. How? When? Why? "How in the ballz do you expect me to know?" is what I have to say! But for now it serves as my showcase to reflect the hours from years spent creating web layouts and digital art (if I can call them that).

About theName

The name, 'theFinal' was inspired from the Dir En Grey single off their Withering to Death. album. The song kicks some serious ass and there couldn't be a more perfect name, all things considering. Also, notice how they're not two separate words? It's theFinal people, theFinal (artistically capitalized and all)!

About theWebmaster

Name: Fainaru
Age: 17
Location: Canada
Experience: 3.5 years
Programs: Adobe Photoshop 7, Adobe Imageready 7
Obsessions: Final Fantasy, Gazette, Visual Kei & Rock, Web & Graphic Design, Art, Anime, Photog, zemotion, Healthy eating, Food Network Canada, Final Fantasy
Music: the GazettE, Vidoll, Tokyo Jihen, Dir En Grey, Alice Nine, X, AnCafe, Mika Nakashima, Shiina Ringo, Nobuo Uematsu
Movies: Nana, Moon Child, Advent Children, Kung Fu Panda, Rush Hour, Wanted, Shrek 2, Finding Nemo, She's the Man, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle
Survival Foods: Organic Peanut Butter (+ Jam sometimes) Whole Wheat sandwiches & bagels (made from 100% whole grain), 50% - 83% Dark Chocolate, Cheerios + 1% Milk, Hawaiian Pizza
Idols (online): Jingna, Mooncakes, Nina

In a nutshell, I am human, I live for my listed obsessions and my job is to be as useless as possible while maintaining a life as a teenager. Chea.

Growing list of Chronic and/or One night stand sources of inspiration:
Airi, Amanda, Ammy, Angel, Angeline, Ashley, Caity, Elena, Emma Jane, Erica, Gabi, Hailey, Ivy, Jessica, Joyce, Julie, Krys, Lemon, Lin, Linda, Lulu, Mark, Miko, Megori, Mel, Melfina, Mooncakes, Nick, Rachel, Rilla, Rin, Sandy, Skye, Spinkybean, Stacey Anne, Veve

Curious to know why I made this list? Read the first 10 words of the sentence below Because I know no one will bother to read this, if you're among the listed

About theLayout

Version 4.0, Kaleidoscope features the superfly, megasexy members of the GazettE: Aoi, Reita, Ruki, Kai, Uruha and - wtf? is it the apocalyspe? I'm not using Yuna from FFX?!? Unfortunately, there is no feature of Yuna this time, but instead my other popular layout subject, Gazette gets their 6 months of basking under this site. I really tried my best this time to refrain from the use of the two subjects, together or separate. Heck, my original intention was to feature Zack from Crisis Core ♥ . . . until I gave up looking for decent images. Even after I wanted to give another band, like A9 a shot but gave up when I found this current image sitting in the harddrive. Eh heh, epic fail. This layout was made after post-exams (again) and this time, before I knew my mark. A mixture of blendy, shriney, tidyness was my aim for this design. Tahoma & Times New Roman fonts for the win anyone? Textures used were from the godly FEEL and would'ya have ever guessed, my own sleeping resource site, Textuures. Okay, okay, now this design has got to be my favourite executed one yet.

About theRest

Any questions, concerns or comments about the theFinal can be emailed to thexfinal at gmail dot com. If I don't happen to reply within 2 weeks (impossible, I tell you, impossible) comment on the tagboards located around my websites to contact me. Having the no life I have, I check my emails at least once a week, so it should be no problem.