Textuures is a digital art resource to aid visitors with textures and brushes (Adobe Photoshop 7.0) for graphic designing on the web. These are free to use as long as you link back to the site and follow the rest of the terms below.


  • Link back to http://fainaruu.awardspace.com/textures/ or http://textuures.uni.cc/ under Textuures
  • Keep updated links back to Textuures
  • Do not redistribute
  • If you use these resources, leave a click here
  • Remember, these are here for you to use so feel free to use them
  • Bow down to Elaine for hosting these files


Feel free to check out the following network sites below:
  • BANNERS corner banner graphics to place on your webpage
  • BARETTA layout archive containing myspace layouts found at createblog.com
  • Ratavancoi 100x100 icon contests

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